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"Interlot" Lottery Company is the largest Russian operator responsible for the organizing and conduction of lotteries. Since 1996, "Interlot" has been conducting "Golden Key" Housing Lottery, the only one in Russia, throughout the country. All over the world, lottery games are treated as socially responsible business, and, therefore, its own business, such as are conducted by "Interlot", are aimed at provision of the population with proper social security as far as residential facilities for poor families and funds for projects and events socially important for the public.

In 2006, activities conducted by "Interlot" Lottery Company won international recognition — namely, the status of World Lottery Association member, and, a year earlier, — the status of European Lotteries Association member. Among Russian companies "Interlot" is one of the first that became a regular member of world lottery community.

In accordance with the law "About lotteries" company "Interlot" annually pays part of its sales to finance the social sphere.

2005, funds allocated for pre-specified purposes made 133.267.916 Rubles, including:

  • Kashirsky Center of Oncology: a new block to be built — 12.334.644 Rubles;
  • All-Russian Children's Foundation — 115.025.095 Rubles;
  • Regional programs — 5.908.177 Rubles.

2006, funds allocated for pre-specified purposes made 145.742.370 Rubles, including:

  • All-Russian Children's Foundation — 128.042.378 Rubles;
  • Regional programs — 17.699.992 Rubles.

2007 (1 quarter):

  • All-Russian Children's Foundation — 6.922.770 Rubles;
  • Development of sports  — 21.867.435 Rubles;
  • Regional programs — 3.498.235 Rubles.

Since 2003, "Interlot" Lottery Company has been the leader of sales on the Russian market.

Lotteries share diagram, %

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
Golden Key 39 27 28 36 40 42 46 48
Russian Lotto 52 43 45 37 39 38 39 36
Bingo 9 30 21 17 16 14 15 16
Other Lotteries 0 0 6 10 5 5 0 0

"Interlot" Lottery Company is an open company.

For many years of Soviet and Russian history, commercial aspect of business activities conducted by lottery companies was a mystery under the Seven Seals. "Interlot" was the first lottery company to publish its financial report of its business performance for 2005.

"Interlot" Lottery Company employs many qualified specialists highly competent in software programming, marketing and development of sales networks. In order to further improve their level of professionalism, our specialists regularly attend seminars organized by World and European Lotteries Associations. We are learning, ourselves and teaching others. We are planning to organize intra-Russian training seminars among our companies, whose offices are located throughout the country.

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